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Seana Gaherin’s plan to throw the first annual Feast at the Falls is starting to come together.  Seana is one of the proprietors of Dunn Gaherins restaurant in Upper Falls and has always been a tremendous neighborhood booster and benefactor.  This time, she’s outdoing herself.

Her plan is to throw a Tuscan style feast for the entire village of Upper Falls in the Hemlock Gorge park.

It will be an enormous undertaking to organize but the wheels are already turning.  This past month, the Upper Falls Area Council took a unanimous and enthusiastic vote of support for the plan and are pledging to do everything they can to help.  Meanwhile Seana’s been talking to, meeting with, and convincing everyone she can, to help make this vision a reality – from the DCR, to local restaranteurs, to the aldermen, to the Friends of Hemlock Gorge.

Here’s what Seana says:

“The mission or shall I say the dream ….
The restaurants and hospitality business of Newton Upper Falls  will proudly host the Upper Falls feast on a Sunday evening in June this year  in the Hemlock Gorge park . One long table with 250 guests enjoying courses of food and beverages all locally donated from all the Upper Falls foodies & restaurants. 
The Upper Falls Feast will show a  variety of food offerings from the restaurants and eateries in the Upper Falls – and provide classical string music from our wonderful neighbors at Carriage Violins
My dream is a Sienna style feast , family style food of grilled chicken breasts, colorful & assorted fresh vegetables , big bowls of fresh pasta with simple sauces, gorgeous bowls of garden greens with wonderful salad toppings,  from our very own farmers market with tangy vinaigrettes, crusty loafs of fresh breads , yummy sweets to finish the night …but most of all our neighborhood feeding our neighborhood .  This feast will promote our community and help the economic development of Newton Upper Falls  as a desirable place to live, work, invest, and visit.The Upper Falls Feast will be the “granddaddy of festivals”, a sure to be great event – a soon to be trend setter for the other Newton villages . The Upper Falls Feast will lead the way for neighborhood feasts in the other Newton villages. “

The Feast will be held on a Sunday evening in June at twilight.  The final date is expected to be chosen within a week