The Upper Falls Variety has become  a regular on local TV lately.  A month ago, the TV trucks descended on the little shop when one of their customer’s scratched a million dollar lottery ticket.  This morning, once again, a TV crew will be turning on the cameras there.

TV station NECN’s studios are on nearby Wells Ave.  NECN reporter Leslie Gaydos does a regular feature on NECN called “Does it Work?” in which they take a look at new and novel products and test them to see if they work as claimed.

The NECN crew is due in this morning to test a carpet/matt that claims to pull the dirt right out of the soles of shoes.  They’ll be setting up the carpet inside the door of the Variety Store and film as customers come in/out.

The store’s owner, Tom O’Shaugnessy, says that Leslie Gaydos has been a regular customer for a while so it wasn’t too much of a surprise when he got the call from NECN.

So if you have a particularly dirty or muddy pair of shoes, stop by Tom’s Variety Store this morning and give it a try.