There have been many amazing moments in Newton’s arts and cultural scene this year. There have also been many sad moments throughout the world that have made us all stop and reflect. Like many, I find solace in music and consequently (luckily) find myself in the most magical healing moments. I wanted to share my favorite image of the year with you because of the simple joy and hope that inspired it.

The work is “Let there be peace on earth” and the opening lyrics are “Let there be peace on earth | and let it begin with me.” The performers are the New Philharmonia Orchestra, Boston Ballet School and Newton’s All-City Treble Singers. The First Baptist Church provides the stunning background. The family concert was performed on Sunday, December 16.

It was a poignant ending to the concert but the most outstanding part of this photo is the young audience member who found herself the best seat in the house.

I wish you all a safe and happy New Year celebration and I look forward to offering you more of these wonderful moments in 2013.

Please share your favorite Newton moment of 2012 in the comments!