If Monday’s vote on the Upper Falls Greenway doesn’t get your juices flowing, Tuesday’s hearing, which may be the final opportunity for public input into Riverside’s future, should probably do it.

The week’s excitement for pro-growth fans doesn’t stop there, as there’s a new hair salon and ATM going in to Newton Highlands–two items in such abundent supply that there’s a new zoning item being heard Tuesday to restrict their placement in the first floors of retail to get a better mix of uses. Even better:

  • There’s the possible re-use of the former Health Department/Library in Newton Centre and the Parks & Rec building on Crescent Street.
  • A new Sleepy’s mattress store to replace the farm stand on Washington Street and
  • Three new restaurants for the lower mall (aka The Street) at Chestnut Hill

Followers of the Community Preservation process will want to note the votes Monday on the Angino Farm barn expansion and new housing at Eddy Street in Auburndale–more in-fill community housing.

The plans for where to store snow and debris from winter storms will interest the conservationists who were concerned at the DPW’s use of Nahantan Park two years ago. Also of interest is the discussion in Public Facilities Wednesday about the Green Communities strategy as well as natural gas leaks–which can kill trees, but also mean higher gas bills AND more global warming (methane is even better at that than carbon dioxide).

My friends who like to watch the City’s bottom line will appreciate all the work being done to make sure our infrastructure is repaired–lots of Angier work, the school budget, and refinancing the City’s bonds for a lower interest rate.

Next week, the Aldermen–and thus the Muni-Wonk–will take a two-week hiatus. Happy Holidays, all!

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