Most weeks that Traffic Council meets mean a lot of talk about parking.

To give this some context–any time the MBTA changes the rates on its lots (as it did this July), the folks who used to park for free (or who got used to paying $4 a day), move their cars to a cheaper–or free–spot on our streets. Usually, the next street over. The residents get fed up with all-day congestion, go to Traffic Council to restrict parking, and the parkers move another street away. And so on.

This week, the Planning Department is taking a giant step away from that kind of ad-hoc development and is presenting a neighborhood plan. In this case, it’s around the new North, which makes sense since students now want to park east of the school, where before they tried to take spaces west of the school.

So this week in the LWV Newton’s digest you’ll find three nights either devoted to or dealing with parking (Land Use has been granting waivers to businesses in village centers). Enjoy!