Years ago, when I first assumed the chairmanship of the Local Action committee of the Newton League of Women Voters, I was introduced to the Friday Packet–then a huge envelope stuffed with agendas, reports, and documents that each alderman receives sometime over the weekend.

Trained to communicate what I read, I soon started an email listserv for committee members, which over the years has become a blog–the Docket Digest on the LWVN website (in the meantime, packets are also posted online.

This week, I invite the readers of Village 14 to join the readership, and will, with a few weeks off on occasion, give you the highlights of the week ahead in the world of City Hall.

If you visit the digest, you’ll see the Friday packet condensed. This week, for example, the Aldermen face a few interesting votes on Monday:

  • the override language
  • the Open Space Plan (this allows Newton to apply for state funds for parks and conservation land

And in committees:

  • some CPA funding for two projects
  • discussion of bicycle corrals and crosswalk safety

Finally, under new business the board will take up–an extension of the trial sidewalk snow removal ordinance for residents.

I hope you find this helpful and informative!

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