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The Board of Aldermen is currently discussing putting the override questions on the ballot. It doesn’t look like there will be a vote tonight of the full board.

Here are the big surprises to me:

1. Aldermen Lisle Baker and Ruthanne Fuller are concerned that the override isn’t large enough. They think that the city has additional needs that should be funded. Must be a Ward 7 thing.

2. Baker said that Mayor Warren told him that technology in all the elementary schools would be brought up to par with this override. But that has never been part of the override. Baker sounded angry. I’ve emailed the mayor to ask if it’s true, but it’s a safe bet he’ll say no. I’ve heard him explain this override in detail several times and I’ve never once heard him talk about technology.

School Superintendent Fleishman’s answer was that there would be more money to spend on technology for the schools because Angier, Cabot and Zervas would get new technology when they are renovated/rebuilt which would free up that money for other schools.  But, he said, there still isn’t enough money to bring technology up to where he’d want it. Still, his number one priority is adding classrooms and adding teachers.




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