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With all the discussion of project planning and MSBA ballot requirements, it’s easy to miss how much more needs to be done to keep our schools running besides rebuilding Angier and Cabot. After seeing Deputy Superintendent Sandra Guryan’s Enrollment Analysis Report at last night’s School Committee meeting, I suddenly realized how much more there is to the crisis than crumbling infrastructure, and how critical the operating override will be in the short-term for Newton’s Schools.

School Department graphic

Think schools are crowded now? Projections show those trends continuing. Even with the larger, rebuilt Angier and Cabot schools, this report shows the need for a significant number of additional (modular) classrooms elsewhere — and the teachers to staff them — just to handle the projected increase in enrollment.

School Department graphic

Next year’s Kindergarten will be the largest incoming class since 1975! That trough in Kindergarten size was the period when Newton closed so many elementary of its schools, with the state adopting Proposition 2 1/2 at the lowest point in 1982.

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