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Moving on to the next election (assuming no special elections between now and March 13):

Jeff Seideman, who was a leading opponent of both the 2008 override and the 2007 site plan approval vote for Newton North, wrote a column in last week’s TAB supporting Mayor Setti Warren’s proposed override package. For Seideman to come out in favor of such an override is big; for him to support it in such a public and enthusiastic way is huge.

I think Seideman’s column does a terrific job of laying out the reasons Warren is asking for an override – probably better than the mayor did himself — and why people should support him. I distinctly remember Jeff saying that he would support an override if the city ever got its finances in order. For the former president of the Newton Taxpayers Association to acknowledge that such a thing has happened is a big endorsement for the mayor and a major step forward for the city.

Nice job Jeff!

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