This week, after the storm, 15 parking meters will be installed along Lincoln Street replacing existing coin operated meters. The Electronic meters will accept coins and credit cards with the future option of taking debit cards, smart cards and tokens. The meters will be used for a 90 day trial to evaluate the new technology. Questions or feedback on the meters should be directed to  William G. Paille, Director of Transportation, Transportation Division, DPW, at 617-796-1491 or [email protected].

With two MBTA stops within a quarter mile of its business district parking demand comes from a diverse set of drivers including commuters, business patrons, employees and residents. The city’s Transportation Advisory Group (TAG) will be using this parking microcosm to pilot other parking tools to balance parking management.

The question being asked by members of TAG and the Newton Highlands Neighborhood Area Council is do we have enough parking to satisfy everyone’s need?

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