Janice Bourque of  CrystalLakeConservancy.org posted this on an older thread today..

To learn more about what happened to Crystal Lake this past summer and what watershed residents need to do to stop the amount of nutrients and bacteria entering into the lake, come to the Crystal Lake Conservancy (CLC) 3rd Annual Forum this Thursday night, October 25th at the Hyde Community Center at 6:45-8:45pm.

Ed Himlan, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Watershed Coalition will discuss watersheds and the key role residents play in affecting Crystal Lake. Collected data on bacteria and phosphorus/nutrients from water samples will be presented by Janice Bourque co-president of CLC. Maria Rose, City of Newton Environmental Engineer will discuss the analysis and work performed by the city on storm drains, runoff data and sewer lines.

Dori Zalleznik, Newton Health and Human Services Commissioner will discuss the City’s tracking of the algae bloom.

Volunteer awards will be presented to Irwin Jungreis and Frank Backner for their role in water sampling and testing.