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The construction project in Upper Falls to replace the crumbling sluice-way dam in Hemlock Gorge is winding down and should be completely finished sometime next week.  The dam is open for business and water is once again flowing through that channel.


The new path along the Rt 9 exit looks like it’s complete.




The open field on Ellis St that was used as a dump during the excavation has all been cleaned up and replanted and it looks like they were never there.




The project began last spring and was a surprisingly big project for what seemed such a little dam.   The river splits just below Echo Bridge and the dam is just on a small side channel of the river.  Though the dam looked very small, the base of it was very deep.  During the construction, the crew blocked the channel with a temporary dam, and dug way down in the river bed to the base of the old dam – uncovering lots of interesting artifacts along the way.

Thanks to Jonathan Frieze for the photo.



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