According to the following statement released by the city’s Citizen Assistance Officer Aaron Goldman, Crystal Lake is closed for the season:

Crystal Lake Officially Closed for Season

Please see joint statement from Commissioner Dori Zaleznik of the Health and Human Services Department, and Commissioner Bob DeRubeis of the Parks and Recreation Department:

As of today, the Departments of Health and Human Services and Parks and Recreation are officially announcing the close of swimming at Crystal Lake for the season. As most residents know, the lake has experienced an early algae bloom this year with levels of blue-green algae above the State limits. Despite some decrease in counts according to testing performed by the State on a weekly basis, the levels have not been reduced to a number safe for swimming. This week’s tests were performed yesterday with results due on Wednesday or Thursday. If this week’s levels are adequate, the State still requires a second consecutive week of testing with good numbers before swimming could resume. Next Monday’s test results would be available on Wednesday or Thursday of next week, which extends beyond the scheduled closing date for the season.

Crystal Lake has an algae bloom yearly although the visibility is usually adequate through the swimming season. This year the water temperature after our mild winter was at least 10 degrees higher than average at the time the lake opened for swimming and has been consistently in the 80’s for weeks. This warm water temperature also promotes the growth of the algae. Right now visibility at Crystal Lake is less than one foot, which along with potential toxicity from the blue-green algae makes swimming dangerous for people and especially pets. We hope residents will take advantage of other City swimming resources and allow Crystal Lake the time it needs to clear the algae problem. A working group of City employees and interested residents is meeting to discuss all possible approaches to preserve Crystal Lake as a resource for Newton and to reduce problems in subsequent swimming seasons. We thank everyone for your cooperation.

In addition, the Parks and Recreation Department appreciates the adaptability of its residents regarding the recent algae bloom at Crystal Lake. We have addressed our user concerns over the swim lesson program and will be providing a 50% credit (This credit will be valid for a $22.50 reduction in any parks and recreation department program for any Crystal Lake Lesson Participant registered for session 3 of the swim lessons) The Session 4 Registrations have been fully refunded in our registration system and checks are being processed.

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