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In 1975, the Newton Conservation Commission published a visionary plan called the Charles River Pathway for linking the entire Charles River water front with walking paths from Cutler Park in Needham to Watertown Square.

In the intervening years, the DCR has built a large chunk of those trails.  We now have immensely popular continuous walking trails that runs from Auburndale to Boston’s Science Museum and from Needham St to Millenium Park in West Roxbury.  Somehow we dropped the ball with the river front from Needham St to Auburndale.    This week’s editorial in the Tab (OK, I wrote it) describes a few concrete steps for furthering that vision in Upper Falls.  A few others suggestions not mentioned in the editorial, include extending the new Lower Falls Bridge bike trail to Riverside, and wrapping a trail from Riverside around the bank of the Charles and connecting to the Recreation Rd park and Auburndale.

Can we connect the entire Newton river front with one continuous walking trail?



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