Luke Voss-Kernan                                                                                                 1992-2012



The following is a letter — along with life celebration information — written by Gisela Voss, mother of Luke Voss-Kernan, the 2010 Newton South graduate who died in a climbing accident on May 25 while traveling with friends. On behalf of the Village 14 community, I extend our sincere condolences and wish Luke’s family and friends comfort in their memories of a young man who left a mark in so many people’s hearts.

May 25, 2012

I lost my son today.

Not in a store like our little girl once long ago within furry clothes racks. Not at the village fair like our niece.  Not left behind on the counter of Henry Bear’s Park in his car seat carrier in the daze of new motherhood.  Lost forever to the hands of time.  Passed away to the spirit world, to a hereafter we hope he’s happy in.

Our spirited, dear sweet boy, Luke Voss-Kernan, 19, died after an accidental fall off a structure he was climbing in Seattle. On a cross-country trip with friends, his fire and spunk was extinguished in an instant.  Here today.  Then not here anymore.

Or is he?

Refracted in the tears of all who love him is a rainbow of colored light so warm we can only believe Luke is at one with the sky and the earth.  He lived a life that mattered.

To many.  And in that knowledge we find peace.

We are his parents, Gisela Voss and Dan Kernan.

His siblings, Sydney and Rio Voss-Kernan.

His oma and opa, Sara and Wilhelm Voss.

And we love him.


Join us to celebrate his life Sunday, June 10, 2012. anytime 4-7 p.m. 65 Gray Cliff Road, Newton.

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