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The tomato structure story inspired me to try again to do something about this sign lashed to a tree in front of the West Newton Citgo station. It’s not just ugly and not good for the tree. It’s a violation of Mass General Laws and Newton’s Public Tree ordinance.
And even without the tree, it looks like it would violate this provision:

Sec. 26-27. Placing signs on sidewalks.
No person shall, without authority from the commissioner of public works, place or cause to be placed on a sidewalk a showboard, placard or sign for the purpose of displaying the same or attracting attention thereto. (Rev. Ords. 1973, § 19-27; Ord. No. 90, 10-6-75)

I first noticed it back during Hurricane Irene and thought it was just attached for the hurricane. But I’ve told the owner and other guys at the gas station then, and at least a couple of times since, about the ordinance not allowing attaching things to city trees, and the sign is attached again (or still). Either they don’t believe me or don’t care. So I emailed John Lojek yesterday in hopes that he will have better luck.

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