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The MetroWest Daily News reported today that the MWRA is changing their policy about people walking on their aqueducts.   Up until now “walking the pipes” has been on shaky legal ground.  The aqueducts are the private property of the MWRA and neighborhood people walking on them have been trespassing except in cases where specific agreements have been arranged with the towns.

It sounds like under the new policy, the entire length of the aqueducts will now be open for public access.  Newton has miles of these aqueducts (the Sudbury and the Cochituate) and the trails are well used in most places.

Just this past Sunday I walked the six mile aqueduct loop trail with four friends, so its nice to know that I soon won’t be a reckless scofflaw.  There’s no word yet on whether they’ll be offering retroactive immunity for previous trespassers.

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