The construction project to rebuild the small dam in Hemlock Gorge seems to have just hit a milestone.  Like kids in a rainstorm blocking streams of water, the DCR’s construction crew has redirected the flow of the river from the small dam they’re replacing to the larger parallel horseshoe dam.

On my morning walk this morning I saw some new tarp covered construction completely blocking the smaller section of river that forks off over the small dam.

A big new sign on Ellis St announces the official name of the project to all passersby – “Restoration of the Hemlock Gorge Spillway Dike”.

As you can see, with this new temporary dam in place, the flow of the river through the spillway as been reduced to a trickle so they can start working on tearing down the old dam and building a new one.





It looks like they dug out all the mud that had silted up in front of the dam and then dumped it on huge plastic sheets elsewhere on the site.  I’m curious whether they will then dump that mud back in front of the new dam or haul it away.


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