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In Upper Falls, alongside the railroad tracks, behind the Clarks headquarters on Oak St there is a very large empty building.  The building is one floor, roughly 300 feet x 300 feet (i.e. football field length and width.  It looks it has a concrete floor and is maybe 30 or 40 feet high.  It’s totally empty except for two rows of support columns which sorts of breaks the internal space into thirds.

Now imagine that we had the use of the building for a weekend to hold some kind of fun community event.  What would you do with it?

A few suggestions so far:

* A Rollerskating Rink

* The Upper Falls Remote Control Anything Festival – invite everyone who has toy remote control planes, cars, trucks, animals, robots. Invite all the eastern Mass schools who have robotic clubs and fill the place with moving, spinning, flying crawling machines.

* A Flea Market

* Indoors Farmers Market

* Superballs – a vague idea that involved large numbers of bouncing super balls