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From the Paint Bar Facebook Page

How many times have you watched High School Musical? My daughter is 7, I’ve watched all three movies more times than any human should.

But that puts me in a perfect position to write about the possibility of teen idol Zac Efron coming to the Paint Bar in Newtonville! According to the store’s Facebook page, they have undertaken a campaign to bring the blue-eyed wonder here thanks to an interview he gave to Glamour Magazine. Apparently Zac thinks the best kind of date is one where you can paint and drink.

Whoa! That’s what you do at the Paint Bar! My wife had a great time there with some friends, by the way. It’s a great concept and, from what I hear, great fun.

Even if Zac doesn’t show up.

One more thing, if they do manage to get Zac here they’re only going to be letting in a select few, so if you want to be part of the crowd you need to write a letter saying why you should be admitted (check out the Facebook page for details). I thought my daughter would be into this, but she is SO over High School Musical.

Now, if the cast of Glee showed up……

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