Now you'll know this drink costs $13 BEFORE you order

If you’re one of the many people waiting for a few hours to get a table at the Cheesecake Factory, not only aren’t you alone, but now you’ll know how much those drinks actually cost. That’s thanks to a couple of angry Newton customers.

According to The Herald, the restaurant chain will be putting prices on its drink menus after a bit of legal wrangling.

[Newton attorney Ross Mitchell] took on the case on behalf of friend and fellow Newton resident Alan DeCew, who visited the Cheesecake Factory in Chestnut Hill in November only to find the cocktail list had no prices, and the server only could give him a range of prices. That left DeCew with sticker shock when his bill listed $11 for a margarita.

“It’s basically a problem that’s been creeping in over the last several years that everybody’s experienced,” Mitchell said. “Restaurants will tell you what they have, and you have to ask them what it costs, and of course nobody wants to do that because it’s socially unacceptable.”

New menus with the prices will be landing on tables on March 16. I’m sure those new menus will make a thud that will be heard in echoes throughout the nearly-empty Atrium Mall.