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Frozen: Newton Style

2014 September 19
by Chuck Tanowitz

ranc3cupsSome interesting iced happenings in Newtonville.

Rancatore’s is coming to the village! At least according to the signage in the vacant All About Shoe store right next to the Rox Diner. For those who have never been, Rancatore’s has shops in Belmont and Lexington and has some wonderful flavors. In addition to the regular flavors we’re all used to, you can get ginger, bourbon butter pecan, Irish coffee and cookies or gingersnap molasses.

It certainly adds to Newtonville’s growing food flavors, putting a cherry on top of the other culinary offerings. It’s enough to make me want to hug Olaf!



Not too far away, across the street from the Boys and Girls Club, Yogurt Beach has opened. This is owned by a Newton family who lives nearby and took over for an old convenience store. It’s much cheaper than the other froyo place in town, but lacks tables. I’m told that they’re currently waiting on permitting from the city in order to put them in.yogurt-bowl

Frankly, given the location, offerings and layout, it all the makings of a local kids hangout, similar to what you’d see on Disney Tween programming. For me, it’s just nice to stop in, get something sweet and not have to mortgage the house.

Of course, with all these sweets I’m worried that my waistband will “Let it Go.”

Newton named #1 city for living

2014 September 17
by Gail Spector

gardencityNewton was named the best U.S. city to live in by 24/7 Wall St. for cities with a population exceeding 65,000.  24/7 Wall St. which describes itself as a financial news and opinion operation,  evaluated economic data points such as median household income, cost of living, employment growth between 2011 and 2013, and the 2013 unemployment rate. Crime, economy, education, and housing were all factors receiving full weight, while environment, leisure, and infrastructure received half weight.

Here’s what they had to say about Newton: read more…

Motorcycle crash at Mill and Walnut Streets

2014 September 16
by Keith E. Jacobson

As of 6:15 PM on Tuesday, September 16, the roads have reopened, after being closed for most of the afternoon, at Mill and Walnut Streets. It appeared as though three motorcycles were headed north on Walnut Street and one of them hit a dump truck that looked as if it had been making a left turn from Mill onto Walnut. A State Police accident reconstruction team arrived at the scene to do their investigation. Writing on the door of the dump truck identified it as belonging to D&S Landscaping of Newton.


City issues rabies alert for Dolan Pond area in West Newton

2014 September 16
by Village 14

From the mayor’s office today…

September 16, 2014
A raccoon captured on September 11, 2014 has tested positive for rabies. The raccoon was found near the Auburndale Ave entrance of the Dolan Pond conservation area in West Newton. If you, or your pet, may have had an encounter with a raccoon in this area on or around the above date, please contact the Massachusetts Epidemiology Program at (617) 983-6800 or the Newton Health & Human Services Department at (617) 796-1420.

Rabies is a very serious viral disease that affects the brain and spinal cord of mammals. The virus is spread when an animal with rabies bites or comes into salivary contact with another animal or person. The virus can also spread if the affected animal’s saliva gets into a scratch or other wound, or the eyes, nose or mouth of another person or animal.

Newton residents who live around or regularly visit the Dolan Pond Conservation Area should read more…

Newton Cares meeting next week

2014 September 16
by Village 14

Newton Cares: Coalition for Suicide Prevention and Mental Health, is holding a kick-off meeting on Tuesday, Sept.23, from 4-6 pm at the Newton Senior Center, 345 Walnut Street. The Coalition’s mission is “to raise awareness and identify strategies to assist in creating a healthy, empowered community that promotes emotional well-being across the lifespan.”  All Newton citizens, educators, students and mental health professionals interested in the Coalition’s mission are invited to attend.

Will Zervas be too big?

2014 September 14
by Bob Burke

I’m a frequent blogger, but this is only the second time I have actually posted something to Village 14.   Tomorrow evening, the Board of Aldermen is scheduled to vote to appropriate $2.4 million to purchase 3 homes on Beacon Street to help accommodate a new and enlarged elementary school on the site of the current Zervas School.

I’m a member of the Newton Highlands Neighborhood Area Council and some of our members have been at the forefront in advancing Plan B.   Be that as it may, I have  been  an observer rather than a real participant during the recent debate between the two plans.

I’ve reviewed as best I can both the Plan A and Plan B proposals and an aggressively crafted  rejoinder to Plan B by the Zervas Working Group that was circulated to Board members this afternoon,  only one day before the Aldermen are scheduled to vote.

Most importantly, I also listened with keen interest to comments by Alderman Ted Hess Mahan at a recent Board meeting along with several pungent comments on this blog by a very thoughtful and articulate individual who blogs under the name Patrick.  Both  emphatically argue that there is simply not read more…

Free commuter parking in Newton Centre today!

2014 September 15
by Adam Peller

…brought to you by First Commons Bank.
bagged parking meter

Newton’s sustainability challenge

2014 September 14
by Nathan Phillips

A recent Tab editorial by Newton’s Sustainability Director Rob Garrity highlighted great progress Newton has made in shrinking its carbon footprint. Newton deserves to be proud of its environmental leadership and the accomplishments.

Yet the largest single sector of greenhouse gas emissions – transportation – is conspicuously absent from the editorial. Newton needs a transportation sustainability plan that sets targets and timelines for carbon emissions reduction, and incentivizes the shift from single occupancy car travel to transit and active transportation by developing policies, plans, infrastructure and facilities to achieve those targets.

What should be Newton’s transportation sustainability goals and targets?

“Adder Mountain” – another locally produced original program

2014 September 14
by Jerry Reilly


“The Folklorist” isn’t the only locally produced video series in town.   Newton  actress Linda Goetz  began producing her own video web series in the last few years.  Last year she produced “Brillig” a series about a grown up Alice who’s Wonderland past begins to catch up with her.  At the moment, she’s working on “Adder Mountain” a series set in 1930’s Appalachia.

This week, she needed a nasty, brutish, son-of-a-bitch prison guard, so naturally read more…

NewTV’s “The Folklorist” wins another Emmy

2014 September 14
by Jerry Reilly

Emmy-AdToday’s Boston Globe West featured a story about “The Folklorist”, the acclaimed NewTV history series winning another New England Emmy award.

Particulary interesting – “The Folklorist” is now shown at other community TV stations across the country.

Congrats to NewTV and the Folklorist folks for producing the award winning show and running one of the top community TV stations anywhere.

What’s happening at Baza ?

2014 September 14
by Jerry Reilly

I stopped into Baza, the Russian grocery market off Needham St this morning.  There was a big empty display case with a sign that said “Sorry for the inconvenience.  Baza is temporarily not selling alcoholic beverages”.

Does anyone no know the story?  Looks like some sort of regulatory infraction to me, but that’s just a wild guess.

V14 is Forbidden?

2014 September 13
by Groot Gregory

ForbiddenSo who knew that V14 is a restricted site? Is it due to the political discourse that can topple governments? The incitement of like minded individuals to foment revolution? I want to know!

So, I am on a business trip to Seoul and after a long trip I need to stay awake to help reset my internal clock. I log-on to the hotel WiFi and open up my browser to V14 only to see the Forbidden message. Who knew?

Fortunately, after I jump on my company VPN, I can see the important discussion of the day, that MUST be blocked overseas, Love in Newton, Bike Lanes and other subversive topics.