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Rox Cafe has closed

2014 September 30
by Groot Gregory

Rox CafeIt seems that the Rox Cafe in Newton Highlands has closed. This was my Tuesday night hangout for dinner at the bar along with several other regular patrons. Many knew that this was a challenging location.

Baker’s Best was a draw to the village and we all had hoped to see the Rox fill the void. I wonder what will next take this space on Lincoln Street?

The Charles River Ferry

2014 September 29
by Jerry Reilly

061311Ferry8jmThis Sunday’s Boston Globe featured a column by Yvonne Abraham about the Lynn Ferry.  It just started this past year.  It’s been widely successful with the customers.  It’s spurring economic development and increasing property values.

Not knowing a damn thing about this, it would seem to me that a ferry service from Watertown Square (just below the dam) to the Science Museum/MGH, with stops at possibly Harvard Square and Kendall Square would be a wonderful, and practical addition to our local transportation system.  The new infrastructure to support a ferry should be fairly simple and modestly priced – a few boats, a few simple small docks.

Since I really don’t know a damn thing of which I speak, your job is to explain why that’s not in any way a practical plan  …. or who knows, maybe it is.

NewTV Fall Specialty Classes

2014 September 29

This fall, NewTV has added a number of new courses on various media-related topics taught by experts in their fields. Melanie Graham, Digital Content and Social Media Producer at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute will teach two courses on social media. An introduction to digital photography workshop and a class on SmartPhoneography will be taught by a freelance commercial photographer and adjunct faculty member from Montserrat College of Art, Vanessa Ruiz. Plus, there will be a workshop on documentary filmmaking taught by Margo Guernsey, the founder and executive producer at Time Travel Productions LLC and senior producer at McElroy Films LLC.

The first social media class will be geared towards read more…

Newton Nomadic Theater is brilliant

2014 September 28
by Sallee Lipshutz

In a Carriage House in Newton Upper Falls decorated with minimal staging, I sat, prepared to be underwhelmed, waiting for an amateur production of a new theater company.

That never happened.

Instead, I was witness to the birth and premiere production of Newton’s newest and, for my money, finest theater company, The Newton Nomadic Theater.

This first production, Faith Healer, by Brian Friel, is an orgasmic confluence of jaw-dropping acting and directing in a bare-bones insightful production of a rarely offered author’s spellbinding Irish story-telling!

The playwright, Brian Friel, who wrote this play in the late 1970’s, was influenced by Pirandello, another playwright who spun tales in the theater in non-ordinary form. Friel’s writing is strong of tongue, yet weaves an intricate and fine cloth with not a dropped stitch. The faith in Faith Healer resides in the three characters of the play who view the world in which they move through separate kaleidoscopes. read more…

Leadership on Transportation in Newton

2014 September 27
by Nathan Phillips

A comment on the record-breaking Zervas V14 post exemplifies Newton’s car culture: “Parking spaces are given to important people.” It’s true. Standard practice in Newton’s public schools and municipal buildings is to reserve “first class” parking spaces for the ‘important’ people. That is, with one significant exception.
I was reminded recently that, after assuming office, Mayor Warren took down the Mayor’s reserved parking spot. What a meaningful gesture of real leadership by a public servant.

Mayor’s office responds to Aldermen’s questions about Zervas School expansion project

2014 September 26
by Greg Reibman

At risk of stealing the momentum from Bob Burke’s 225-plus comment thread about the Zervas School project, I’m going to start a new one.

Today, Maureen Lemieux, Mayor Warren’ s Chief of Staff/Chief Financial Officer distributed this document to the Board of Aldermen in response to questions regarding the acquisition of the three residential properties that abut the Zervas Elementary School site.

Read it and, need I tell you that you should feel welcome to discuss it?


Alderman to constituent: ‘You sound like such a jerk!’

2014 September 26
by Greg Reibman

After reading about Alderman Emily Norton’s proposal to change the city charter to include the term “alderwomen,”  in the Globe Thursday, former alderman and Newton resident John Stewart sent the following email to members of the board yesterday…

I can’t believe you people are spending time on such silliness — but I guess you need some justification for demolition moratoria and inaction on the unchecked proliferation of pot holes.

Pls wake us up when you’ve solved the name problem.

John Stewart

In response, Alderman At Large Greg Schwartz shot back with the following reply to Stewart and cc’d all of his colleagues…

Wow.  You sound like such a jerk!




What should we call Newton’s legislators ?

2014 September 26
by Greg Reibwoman

Newton Alderman Emily Norton is proposing changing the city’s charter to include the term “alderwoman,” The TAB and  The Globe report. What do you think?

Keltic Krust: Hello, we must be going

2014 September 24
by Chuck Tanowitz

2014-09-21 06.41.29Keltic Krust has closed its doors after more than 20 years in West Newton. While the bakery and cafe won’t be on the corner, it’s not moving too far away, as it’s now available online.

In a blog post dated August 30, Christopher Rice writes:

After over 20 years, the Keltic Krust is saying goodbye to West Newton. We will miss all of you wonderful customers very much. But we plan to carry on the Keltic Krust name in a 2014-09-21 06.40.52new venture, and hope to have our Irish breads, scones, teas and other treats available soon online, at local farmers markets, and at local specialty stores.

The Rice family bought the bakery in 2009 from the Irish family that opened it. Given the current farmer’s market right on Elm Street most Saturdays, it appears that people won’t have to go too far to get the baked goods.

A new venture is apparently moving in: Judith’s Kitchen. According to the post and to the sign on the door, Judith’s Kitchen will focus on prepared meals to go. Of course, you can always get a different kind of meal at Blue Ribbon, right next door, and then work off the calories at the Boston Sports Club, just a few doors down.

Canoe on Crystal Lake this Sunday

2014 September 24
by Village 14

crystal lake canoesCrystal Lake Conservancy and Newton Parks and Recreation Department will host its 2nd Annual “Paddles & Pumpkins”  event this Sunday, Sept. 28 from 2-4:30 p.m.
Come join us for a Sunday afternoon of activities on Crystal Lake. Participants can sign up for half hour slots between 2-4:30pm to enjoy the pleasures of canoeing/kayaking/paddleboarding. A lifeguard will be on duty and all participants will be required to wear life jackets and sign a waiver. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. There will also also be cider, strung donuts game & pumpkin decorating with food donated by Whole Foods.

Newton Upper Falls is a ‘happening hood’

2014 September 23
by Jerry Reilly

LongShot4So says tomorrow’s tonight’s WCVB-TV Chronicle show

Annual Fall Festival at the Newton Community Farm this Sunday

2014 September 22
by Village 14

Come out and support your community farm and have a great time with whole family at the 8th annual Newton Community Farm Fall Festival on Sunday Sept. 28 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Bring the strangest tomatoes, eggplant, and squash from your garden to be judged by Farmer Greg and friends in a quest to find the read more…