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Alderman Norton on electing a Democrat for Governor

2014 October 24
by Gail Spector

Alderman Emily Norton wrote a compelling piece for Commonwealth Magazine arguing that, based on what we’ve seen from Gov. Patrick, a Democrat is likely to be better for the state on fiscal issues than a Republican. Even if you’ve made up your mind where your vote is going, it’s a nice reminder of what Patrick has accomplished.

Here’s an excerpt:

It is not that Deval Patrick came into office an impassioned reformer. It was public outrage over the abuses, and cities and towns clamoring for relief, that drove him to take on these thankless tasks. But Patrick was able to succeed where his Republican predecessors had not precisely because he is a Democrat.

Take a look.

Forum/panel Monday about Ebola preparedness

2014 October 24
by Village 14

Medical experts from Newton-Wellesley Hospital, the City of Newton, and Massachusetts General Hospital will present the latest information about Ebola, with a question & answer session to follow this Monday Oct. 27.

The event is talking place from 7-8:30 p.m. at Newton-Wellesley Hospital’s Shipley Auditorium, Second Floor, 2014 Washington Street in Newton

Panel participants include:

  • Leslie G. Selbovitz, MD, Chief Medical Officer/Senior VP for Medical Affairs
  • Mark Lemons, MD, Chair, Emergency Medicine
  • Susan Smith, RN, MBA, Interim Chief Nursing Officer
  • Michael Lew, MD, Chief, Infectious Diseases
  • Ann Carey, RN, Nurse Manager, Emergency Department
  • Charlotte Roy, MHS-PH, Director, Emergency Preparedness
  • Dori Zaleznik, MD, Chief Administrative Officer, City of Newton
  • Massachusetts General Hospital Emergency Preparedness

In case you missed it: Demolition moratorium Public Hearing audio

2014 October 23


Not a word about it in the Tab, although the Globe’s Ellen Ishkanian was there and did an article for the October 19 Globe West, but it was standing room only in the Aldermanic Chamber last week for the October 15 public hearing on Alderman Amy Sangiolo’s proposal for a moratorium through year-end 2015 on demolitions of single- and two-family houses. It may feel, as Obama once said about health care I think it was, that ‘everything has been said, and just about everyone has said it,’ but if you want to hear a lot of passionate people, here they (we) are, all three hours of us. This audio seems to be working. (Not all do; the yourlisten website is rather unpredictable) And there are tracks, so you can skip to your favorite people/topics, though I don’t get many characters of description, so these blurbs are just clues.

39BarbaraRd_constructionSmYou can read Amy’s Memo to Zoning & Planning, and follow along with the audio of Amy’s presentation, and the sort-of rebuttal by Eve Tapper from Planning Department. I say ‘sort-of’ because they seemed to agree there was a problem, but the solution was Zoning Reform. And a lot of the houses in her pictures were really hard to see. (Just sayin’, being a photographer.) Amy’s presentation now has all the house by house detail on size and price changes, for those who don’t believe their own eyes.

Newton’s 11th Annual Swap Day, Oct 25

2014 October 23
by Groot Gregory

Newton Recycrecycle-logoles is hosting its annual Swap ’til you drop! day at the Rumford Avenue Recycling Depot this Saturday from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM. All Newton residents can drop off items until 1:00 PM. Anyone is welcome to come to pick up items.

Swapping and Donating:

Bring along useful but unwanted belongings for swapping or donating.  Bring your stuff, or just come along & pick something up – for free!

  • Computers – Appliances – Bicycles – Books
  • Household items and non-upholstered furniture (No mattresses or couches)
  • REUSABLE building materials (cabinets, doors, plumbing and light fixtures, lumber,   drywall, etc.)
  • NO computer monitors, NO televisions, NO hazardous materials

Pretty much anything, so long as it is usable, non-toxic, non-hazardous – and clean!

Join us at Rumford Rain or Shine.

Imagine actually knowing when (or if) the Green Line train is coming

2014 October 23
by Greg Reibman

Universial Hub has the scoop on the MBTA’s plans — starting today —  to feed above-ground Green Line location data to the apps that let riders see when the next trolley is arriving.


Tell us a story – Nomad Story Slam

2014 October 22

StorySlamEveryone of you has got at least one, and probably many, great stories inside of you.  Come to the Nomad Story Slam on Friday Nov 21 and let them out.

It will be a night of community story telling loosely modeled after NPR’s popular Moth Radio Hour.   Come to hear the stories, or if you’re game, throw your name in the hat to tell a story.  They should be related to the night’s theme -“on the road“.  They should be approximately read more…

Here’s why Lisle Baker and Jim Cote voted no on Newton’s medical marijuana facility

2014 October 21
by Greg Reibman

The TAB’s Jim Morrison has posted a story about last night’s historic 21-2 vote by Newton Aldermen Monday in favor of approving a special permit for Garden Remedies, the medical marijuana dispensary to be located on Washington Street.

Jim’s article quotes the two aldermen who voted no on what could conceivably be the first medical marijana clinic in the state, following overwhelming votes in support of the clinics both statewide and in Newton in 2012.

Alderman Lisle Baker voted against the special permit for several reasons, including discrepancies between information Garden Remedies submitted to the state and information it submitted to the city, traffic concerns, plus the fact that buying, selling and using marijuana remains a federal crime.

“In good conscience,” Baker said, “I cannot support the item.”

Alderman Jim Cote, who voted in favor of the special permit as a member on the Land Use Committee, voted against it as a member of the full board.

“It’s a new law, but it doesn’t mean we have to support the law,” Cote said. “As a parent of 10, I can’t support the introduction of a substance to a community that isn’t legal in the country.”

New TAB editor Andy Levin introduces himself

2014 October 21
by Greg Reibman

The TAB’s new editor isn’t new to Newton. Here’s Andy Levin’s inaugural column.

Newton Resident on the Front Lines of Ebola

2014 October 21
by Chuck Tanowitz

Despite the hype in the US about Ebola, the real battle is happening in Africa. It’s there that people don’t have the resources to fight the disease as effectively as we do here in the US.

One Newton resident, Steve Hatch, is on the front lines of that “war.” He penned a great essay before he left about why he’s doing this work, that appeared in the New York Times. The Times also chronicled his daily life there and last night, Anderson Cooper had the privilege of speaking to him.

If everything goes well Steve will be home to his wife and children in November. My friends and I have a bottle of nice bottle of scotch waiting for him.

Newton Aldermen approve medical marijuana clinic on Washington Street

2014 October 20
by Greg Reibman

The will of Massachusetts voters prevailed over fear tonight when Newton Aldermen voted to allow Garden Remedies a special permit to operate a medical marijuana clinic at 697 Washington Street. The vote was 21 in favor with two (Baker and Cote) opposed.

It’s another Upper Falls party

2014 October 20

20140916_152044For the last two years, two Upper Falls businesses, Dunn Gaherins and Better Life Food, have put together the fabulous Feast of the Falls. It’s a remarkable catered dinner for 300 people at one long table in Hemlock Gorge.  The tickets are handed out free to residents of the Upper Falls neighborhood and the neighbors loves it.

Well they’re at it again.  Dunn Gaherins and Better Life Food are going to underwrite the final performance of the Newton Nomadic Theater’s critically acclaimed production of “Faith Healer” and give all the tickets away free to the residents of Upper Falls.

Both Dunn Gaherins and Better Life Food  have been sponsors of the new theater right from the start.  As they watched this first production take off they were tickled to see this new Upper Falls based theater gain traction. “How cool is it that we’ve got a fabulous read more…

A first for Newton schools?

2014 October 20
by Nathan Phillips

All of Newton’s public schools are named after men*. But four of Newton’s public schools aren’t named after anyone. Isn’t it time to honor a notable Newton woman? Who would you choose?

*Albert Angier, Edward Bowen, Charles Burr, John Cabot, Ben Franklin, Horace Mann, Abe Lincoln, John Eliot, David Mason, Marshall Rice, Frank Spaulding, Cyrus Pierce, Adin Underwood, John Ward, Thomas Williams, Frank Zervas, Henry Bigelow, Charles Brown, Frank Day.