Northland’s proposed updates explained

Northland’s proposed updates explained

In a world of diminished local news reporting, trying to keep up with the latest developments about developments can be challenging. Often the only reliable source of news are the various meeting minutes and live streams. And when it comes to minutes, hands down Srdj Nedeljkovic’s reports from the Newton Highlands Area Council are the most compete and detailed.

Here’s Srdj’s draft minutes from the Newton Highlands Neighborhood Area Council meeting with Northland from March 7, which provide an overview of the changes Northland plans to present the the Land Use Committee on Tuesday March 12.

Northland Development on Needham Street Alan Schlesinger, on behalf of the developer, gave a presentation on proposed revisions to the Northland development on Needham Street. Also present representing Northland were Peter Standish (Senior Vice President of Development), Kent Gonzales (Vice President of Development), and Dan Bernard (Business Development Officer).

Mr. Schlesinger provided a preview of what the members of City Council will be presented at the Land Use Committee meeting next week. He will be discussing a proposed redesign of the site based on input from consultants, Newton officials, and public comments. Mr. Schlesinger noted that the

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