What do you get if you cross the Moth Radio Hour with a Newton municipal election?  You get something that’s never been done anywhere else, ever – the Nomad Story Slam – Election Edition.

The Newton Nomadic Theater runs regular events called the Nomad Story Slam where anyone can throw their name in the hat to tell a 5 minute true personal story.  Two years ago, in the run up to the mayoral election we held a Nomad Story Slam for the candidates running for contested seats.   The rules were – no campaigning, no speeches, no policy, no notes – just a five minute personal story.  It was a wonderful night.

We’re doing it again for this election on Oct 30 at Gregorian Rugs.  Mayor Ruthanne Fuller will be the host, outgoing City Councillor John Rice will be our special guest storyteller and 18 of the 25 candidates for City Council will be telling stories.  Time constraints limit the number of slots to 18 so all the City Council candidates had a first-come-first-served chance to grab a slot.

We’ll do another post here in early October when the tickets go on sale.

In the meantime, here are the stories from the last election.

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