The Newton Nomadic Theater regularly hosts nights of storytelling called the Nomad Story Slam.  From time to time I dive into the archive of 100’s of stories that have been told at the Nomad Story Slam over the last six years and pull out one of my favorites.

In March 2018 the theme was “oops“.  Here’s an ‘oops’ story from Ken Green about a curious childhood game called ‘Good Samaritan’

The next Nomad Story Slam is coming up on Sat Sept 7, 7 PM.  It’s the final event of Summer in the Highlands, the amazing free summer long series of music, theater, movies at the Hyde Bandstand at Newton Highlands.   The theme of the night will be ‘anticipation‘.  So come tell your own ”anticipation’ story or just come listen to stories.  For more info, or to join our mailing list go to