In the midst of campaigns, developments and other serious stuff, a bit of humor. 

Yesterday, Wednesday 6/5, I received the above notice in my mailbox asking that on 5/6 cars be removed from the driveways on the odd numbered side of Bridges Avenue. (The other side’s sidewalk has been finished with a nice granite curb.)

According to the notice, excavating will begin 5/6 (of course they meant today 6/6) and pouring concrete (weather permitting) will begin the same day, 5/6. After that the notice continues: you will not have access to your driveway until sometime during the day after we pour the concrete.

Following along, forgetting about the wrong date, the notice says the concrete will be poured the same day as the excavation and later that day access will be restored to the driveways.  Actually the concrete won’t be poured until Monday after proper preparation and it will not be until Tuesday 6/11 that cars can be returned. I find this situation humorous but others have not. How about you?

I will add that earlier when they were working on the other side of the street, I called DCW to ask when they would be working on the other side.  DCW put me on hold while they attempted to find the answer and came back to say, they would be doing them both on the same day. I know the work is contracted out but thought DCW would at least know the time table. I then asked one of the men who told me when they would begin on my side of the street.

I didn’t move my car because for health reasons I’m not driving much right now. Three very nice workman came to my door early this morning to get me to move my car from our driveway. I explained that I wouldn’t need it during this time. They grew worried and cautioned me about emergencies. I again said I was fine with it being blocked in. They wouldn’t let up until I said it needed work to be able to drive. Then they nodded and said they understood. I saw them tell the police that the car was broken down. Then they continued with their excavation in front of my house. LOL – #overprotectivemen

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