It’s time once again for another Nomad Story Slam  – this Friday March 29, 7:30 PM at Gregorian Rugs in Newton Lower Falls.  The theme of the night is “comfort zone”.
If you’ve ever listened to the Moth Radio Hour, you’ll love the Nomad Story Slam.   Come and listen to great stories from your neighbors or throw your name in the hat to tell your own story. Your story should be five minutes long, be true, have happened to you and be somehow connected to the night’s theme.  Beyond that, its up to you.  It can be funny, or sad, or poignant, or ridiculous – it just has to be a good story. 

Tell about when you jumped out of that airplane, or screwed up the courage to talk to that guy at the bus stop, or quit that job, or immigrated or emigrated, or any other plunge into the unknown  … or curling up in cozy comfort, or finding that person that makes everything all right.  Tell us any true story that is somehow connected to “comfort zone

Everyone has at least one good story in them so we urge you to polish it up, come on down to Gregorian Rugs and tell it to us all.  If you’ve never been to a story slam,  you will love it – friends, neighbors, strangers taking turns telling great stories.  If you plan to tell a story, arrive a bit early (7:00-7:15).

If you’d like to tell a story, here are a few tips – Click Here

For Tickets ($10) or additional info, or to hear stories from our video archive go to Note: tickets purchased in advance will get preferred seating.