Two years ago Seana Gaherin had one more ridiculous idea and now it’s a Newton tradition.

Friday March 15 at 8:30 AM, Dunn Gaherins Pub and Better Life Food  in Upper Falls will be hosting the 3rd annual St Paddy’s Day Newton Political Breakfast.  If you’re an elected official, stay away at your own risk or you’ll be boiled like cabbage.

As always, this year promises to be a raucous morning of good fun at the expense of those we’ve elected to represent us.   Invitations just went out, but already US Rep Joe Kennedy, State Senator Cynthia Creem, Mayor Ruthanne Fuller, City Council president Marc Laredo have already let us know that they’d rather do the boiling then be boiled themselves.  We’re expecting to have all of our 98 City Councilors, 34 School Committee Members, 112 Area Councilors, the 212 Commission Members, the Ward Healers, the Dog Catchers and the entire 1/4 of Newton’s population that seems to hold some official post to be in attendance.  With this much talent, we’re counting on our swarm of elected officials for all kinds of ridiculous fun.

You can’t have the “electeds” without the electorate so any of you who voted for or against any of these 1027 elected official are also invited to the this fun, free event.  Come on down and heckle, hoot, holler, or explain at great length to any one of these elected official about your pet peeve in excruciating detail – they all live for that. 

Join in the fun at the 3rd Annual St Paddy’s Day Newton Political Breakfast. 



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