The Newton Nomadic Theater regularly hosts nights of storytelling called the Nomad Story Slam.

From time to time I dive into the archive of 100’s of stories that have been told at the Nomad Story Slam over the last three years and pull out one of my favorites.

This past March the theme was “oops”.  There were a lot of great and cringe-worthy stories of embarrassing moments.  Here’s a story from Marianne Marks

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By the way, tonight and yesterday (Fri & Sat) we hosted a performance of “Unveiled”, a wonderfully powerful one-woman show by Rohina Malik, who plays five different Muslim women in five totally different places and situations.   Thanks to Rohina for a fabulous show and thanks to the Newton Free Library.  The library hosted this show last spring which is how we discovered it.  Get on the library’s mailing list and you can see wonderful things like this for free.   Crass opportunists that we are, we’ll charge you money for it 😉

Tonight’s show featured a wonderful oud and flute player named Alejandro Castellano.  He’ll be back at the library in November with a singer and some other great musicians for a night of Arabic music


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