Next weekend, the Newton Theatre Company will once again offer a free production of The Monologue Project: Voices of Color, in which Newton students of color share their own stories. Performances will be at the Newton Cultural Center Auditorium in City Hall at 7:30PM on Friday & Saturday, June 1 & 2 and again at 2PM on Sunday, June 3. Each performance will include a talk-back session with the students. For a glimpse of how this project developed over this school year, see this Newton Theatre Company article.

The students come up with their own monologues, and we do very little to edit their work,” Melissa Bernstein, Newton Theatre Company’s Artistic Director, explains. “We want to hear their authentic voices. Then, as a group, the students decide how to start and end the performance, what they want to say with the art they are making as [a] group, and participate in the talkback after the show. The adults are there as facilitators, but the students are running the show.