Something big, something fun, could be coming to Upper Falls this summer and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

Chuck Tanowicz from the N-Squared Innovation District had a bodacious idea a few months ago.  He recruited a whole team and they began putting it all together.  With your help, this summer the Upper Falls Greenway will be turned into an open air, walking art gallery.  They’ve hooked up with “Studios Without Walls” to put together an outdoor sculpture exhibition called “Beyond Boundaries”.  The plan is to install a whole series of site-specific sculptures along the Upper Falls Greenway walking trail for a two month exhibition.

All the pieces of the puzzle are pretty much in place except for the one big one – money.  They’ve already made a great start by raising over half the budget thanks to generous donations from some local businesses and organizations – Northland Development, Crosspoint, Charles River Neighborhood Foundation as well as wonderfully enthusiastic support from the New Art Center.

If you love the idea of an art filled Upper Falls Greenway walk as much as I do then please consider making a donation to this wonderful project

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