robertsolomonIf you live in Newton Highlands there’s a good chance you know Robert Solomon.  He’s been a very active member of our community for years and been involved with all sorts of civic activities.  Here’s what Greg Reibman had to say about him a while back.  If you don’t know his work on issues around Newton you may know him by sight since he’s often buzzing around the Highlands in his electric wheel chair.

Robert needs a wheel chair enabled van and has started a GoFundMe campaign to raise the money for it.  If you have a few dollars to spare, or even better, a giant wheelbarrow full of cash, consider making a donation to the Robert’s Van fund.

Robert showed up at our Newton Nomadic Theater’s last story slam this past month in the Highlands and told a great story.  We want to return the favor.  Our new show “Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me” opens this Friday and will run for five weeks at locations all over Newton.   We’re going to make the Friday Oct 14 performance at Gregorian Rugs a benefit for Robert’s Van Fund.  All proceeds from the show will be donated to the fund.

So donate some money, or buy a ticket for the benefit on Oct 14.  If you can’t make it on Oct 14 then consider joining us for one of the opening night performances this weekend in an artist’s studio in Newton Highlands.  This show will blow you away, we guarantee it.   Tickets here.

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