TunnelBookThe 4th annual Feast of the Falls was held a few weeks ago in Hemlock Gorge.  This amazing neighborhood party is a sit down catered dinner for the first 400 people in Upper Falls who sign up for tickets.

This year there was a great spontaneous addition to the festivities.  Two local residents came with their own personal show-and-tells and brought them round for all the guests to see.

This top picture is something called a “tunnel book” of Echo Bridge created by local artist Lauren Abramsky Comando.  The photo doesn’t do it justice.  It’s a series of pictures that open up, accordion style with a hole in the middle.  When you look through the hole you get a 3D view of Hemlock Gorge and Echo Bridge reminiscent of one of those old Viewmaster photos.

The construction and craftsmanship on this hand made piece of art was just wonderful.

GailsRingsFurther down the table a women showed up with three Red Sox World Series rings.  I never saw these first hand, nor got the details.  As I understand it, the woman works in the Red Sox organization and was given one each year they made it to the Series.

The photo is V14’s own Gail Spector, who was working serving food as one of our VIP Servers.  In between courses she switched roles to become a “hand model” for the photo.

I loved these spontaneous exhibitions from my neighbors.  I hope this becomes a regular feature of future Feasts of the Falls.

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