TvilleBadgeThe 2016 Tour de Newton will be on Sunday morning June 19 (father’s day) and we need you.

This 20 mile, 13 village bicycle extravaganza is in its 4th year and continues to grow.  This year we’re shooting for 1000 riders.  What makes this event completely unique and totally Newtonesque is the village aspect of the ride.

It starts simultaneously in all 13 villages.  Bicyclists all ride with their neighbors and they go through all 12 of the other villages.  At each village there’s a stop and locals from that village, the Village Greeters, welcome the riders, hand out snacks and a village badge and tell them a bit about the village.  Each village stop has it’s own flavor and its own style of fun.

We’re now recruiting Village Greeters for the upcoming Tour de Newton next month and would like your help.  It’s a really fun gig, especially if you have a few friends with you.  The more Greeters at a stop the better time everyone has.  We provide all the supplies, you provide the fun and serve as the ambassador of your village.   If you might be interested, send me an email ([email protected]).

If you’d rather ride, sign up here.     If you’d like to be a leader or a sweep (the one at the end) of one of the village groups of 25-30 riders then send me an email [email protected]

This year we’ve made a few interesting changes to the route.   The ride from Upper Falls to Oak Hill will now go down the brand new Upper Falls Greenway which will be a pleasant off-road leg of the route.

We’ve also moved the Newton Corner stop from the Jackson Homestead to Farlow Park which will make the Chestnut Hill to Newton Corner ride not so long, and the Newton Corner to Nonantum ride not so short.

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