PTBarnumRegular readers of Village14 know that I’m always relentlessly plugging our own theater.  Tonight its time to plug some others.

Regular readers also probably know that David Kalis is one of our City Councilors.  Regular readers may also have read author David Kalis’s book “Vodka Shot, Pickle Chasers”.  They may also have heard storyteller David Kalis at a Nomad Story Slam.  They may also have seem David and his wife Anne at one of the annual Acappelooza shows that they hosted and produced every year as fundraisers for the schools.

David and Anne are at it again.  This time as the stars in the upcoming Barnum – The Musical at the JCC about the life and times of showman P.T. Barnum.  It’s perfect casting since P.T. Barnum, like Kalis, served as an Alderman.

Shows are on Thurs May 12 7 PM, Sat May 14, 7 PM, and Sun May 15 3 PM.

In keeping with the spirit of P.T. Barnum it’s an extravaganza – a cast of 30, a big band, acrobats, circus performers and an hour long Midway before the show.

Tickets here.

Next up, The Newton Theater Company is in rehearsal now for their production of Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest.  This classic romp of a comedy will open with two shows at City Hall on June 3 and 4 and then move to Gregorian Rugs for two shows on June 10, and 11.

Our Newton Nomadic Theater is a co-sponsor of the event and we’ve agreed to loan them our own actor Linda Goetz for the show … with the promise that they return her when the show is over.

Tickets here

The Importance of Being Earnest is part of the Newton Festival of the Arts, a month+ long festival of the arts.  Every single day of the month long festival there are performances and shows by homegrown Newton artists, singers, actors, dancers, musicians, authors, painters …..  If you haven’t seen the program, check it out now and get out and see some local talent this month.

Program here

PicassoGraphic2Finally, regular readers will know that I couldn’t end this post without yet another plug for our Newton Nomadic Theater’s A Picasso which is nearing the end of it’s 5 week run.

It’s a great script with amazing performances from Stephen Cooper and the aforementioned Linda Goetz.

There are just a few tickets left for this week’s show at Bocca Bella in Auburndale but plenty of tickets left for next Friday’s show in a Brookline living room, Saturday at Gregorian Rugs and the closing night performance/party at Dunn Gaherins on Sunday May 15, 5 PM.

Tickets here

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