About aStorySlam400Width year ago, the Newton Nomadic Theater started a series of events called the Nomad Story Slams.  They are nights of community story telling.  Each slam has a theme and anyone can come and throw their name in the hat to tell a five minute story.

At this point, we’ve held five Nomad Story Slams and have almost 100 great stories captured on video, thanks to NewTV and our great video production crew (Chris Pitts, Maureen Reilly-Meager, Chris Thayer and Laura Johnson)

I’ve decided to create a new regular Village14 feature.   Your Weekly Newton Story.  Each Sunday, I’ll post a single video story.  First up is a story from the first Nomad Story Slam.  The theme was “on the road” and the story teller is Nonantum’s Megara Bell.  Enjoy!

Our next Nomad Story Slam will be held sometime next month. Join the mailing list at NewtonNomadicTheater.org if you’d like to be notified once we have a date