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Here are 18 new stories (below) for your viewing/listening pleasure.

Back in April, the Newton Nomadic Theater held its 3rd Nomad Story Slam one Friday night at Gregorian Rugs.  We invited anyone who wanted to come tell a five minute true story, about something that happened to them.   The theme of the night was “imagine my surprise”.

As always, we had a wide range of great stories ranging from funny, to painful, to heartfelt, told by your neighbors – just regular folks getting up and telling us a five minute tale.  A personal kick for me was hearing my brother Mike telling a story about my father.

Special thanks go to Chris Pitts, Maureen Reilly-Meaher and Chris Thayer, our nomadic video production team.   These beautifully filmed and edited videos are a great treat for all the story tellers to share with their friends and families.

The next Nomad Story Slam will be in Sunday July 26 at the Hyde Bandstand in Newton Highlands.  The theme for the night will be “summertime“, so start working on your stories.  We’d love to see a few more Village14 regulars telling stories.  For more info and more videos go to NewtonNomadicTheater.org

The Stories:
Mary O’Connell – Things go awry at the Grand Canyon
Jane Shiau – The sex talk
Susan Ketcher – How I met my husband
Anna Nahebedian – No GPS for me
Julia de Peyster – Guerrilla marketing
Clara Silverstein – Slapped upside the head with bigotry
Jim Emerson – Dominique or Nigeria?
Mike Reilly – Father, son, and BC football
Ofri Gilan – Trapped!
Jerry Reilly – Beware Lieutenant Island
Mark Newton – The designated driver
Eileen McMahon –  A ghost story
Chip Highfield – Mom and my stash
Walter Frankel – After hours in Philly
Kate Carney – Fear in his face
Nancy Wilson – The can man
Jerry Reilly – Sail away


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