GregorianFrom the start of the Newton Nomadic Theater, Scott Gregorian and Gregorian Rugs have been among our biggest supporters.  They’ve been host to all three of our productions as well as the regular Nomad Story Slams.

Our most recent production of The Beauty Queen of Leenane closed this past Sunday night.  The next day, actress Linda Goetz and her family hopped aboard a plane for a vacation in Turkey.

This email just arrived from Istanbul:
So the owner of the  rug store, Sengar, in the Covered Bazaar in Istanbul knew Scott Gregorians grandfather Arthur.  Small small world.  Maybe we can perform there.  Truly Nomadic.

Hope all is well.

Back a few months ago, at one of our story slams, Scott Gregorian’s father John told this story about traveling in Persia as a teenager with his grandfather Arthur.  It sounds like Arthur must have been a regular in Istanbul too.

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