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TourBadge2014WNewtonThe 2nd annual Tour de Newton is in two weeks – Fathers Day, June 15.  The first Tour was last year and it was a big hit.  This year we’re planning for bigger and better.

The way it works is that groups of riders start simultaneously in all 13 villages and they all travel the same 20 mile, 13 village route.   It’s a leisurely fun ride.  Each village-to-village leg is roughly 2 miles.  When you arrive, locals greet you with goodies and tell you a bit about their village – and give you the Tour de Newton badge (see left) for the village.

The event is a big operation and requires about 75 volunteers to organize it.  We’re recruiting the last of  the volunteers and could use your help.   We can always use more village greeters in every village.  The more greeters there are, the more fun everyone has.  It’s a very sociable fun gig too.

In particular, we’re looking for greeters for Newton Centre and Chestnut Hill.  If you might be interested, email [email protected]

If you don’t want to be a greeter, then hop on your bike and ride – register to ride here.  Better do it soon though because it’s filling up fast.

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