Since reading this in the NYT, I have been fantasizing about the super-energy-efficient garage conversion I might do at the homestead to live the dream of micr0-living (always wanted a Murphy bed). But a quick assessment of Newton’s rules around accessory apartments (up for a hearing along with Austin Street on Thursday) popped that bubble! Besides a minimum size, there are parking minimums (maybe I want to live car-free?) and screening requirements!

The week in City Hall is of course all-budget, but not all-the-time. Parking still consumes much of our meeting time (not just Traffic Council, but Land Use).

Zoning Reform, of course, might help alleviate the parking rules that make all these waivers necessary….that’s also in discussion this week.

So much fascinating reading, so little time–see the School Committee reports linked in their agenda and the Economic Development Committee’s annual report

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