20140401_124503I was scammed this morning.  I went into my office, powered up my PC and the normal login screen came up ….. upside down.  I spent a few minutes trying to figure out what had gone wrong, and how to make it right.  After a few frustrating minutes I called my wife in to look at it and she burst out laughing – I’d been April fool’ed.

After years of getting pranked by me, Marie decided to turn the table for once.  Worse yet, she got the prank from a list of technical pranks that Chris Steele helpfully posted on Facebook this morning.

Later in the day I was down on Needham Street and talked to the driver of this car (photo).   He’s had pedestrians and driver all over Newton yelling, pointing, waving, and banging on his window to tell him about the coffee on his roof.  It turns out that he hot glued the entire assembly of coffee cups to his roof before heading out this morning.

Have you been fooled?  Have you been doing any fooling?  Tell us the details