TaxBillThe Boston Globe ran a story today about towns around Boston wrestling with the never ending struggle between meeting the towns’ needs and keeping a lid on rising property taxes.

The story featured a table of Boston’s 52 western suburbs that showed how much property taxes have risen over the past ten years (2004 – 2014) in each town.  The rates of increase over that period varied from 27.0% (Northborough) to 70.3% (Wellesley).  The average ten year increase for all 52 towns was 49.6%.

Newton came in below the average at 45.0%It’s a shame that they didn’t also include a column showing the current tax rate for all 52 towns.

They did show the average single-family tax property tax bill for 2014 but that’s not terribly useful for comparison purposes since the average property values for the 52 towns vary all over the map.