Angier hearings Wednesday night. I’d go, but I think Public Facilities may be more interesting.

Why? They are considering a point-of-sale inspection for properties that could save Newton ratepayers on their sewer bills–and help the Charles to recharge. How? By checking for leaky sewer laterals at sale–as well as illegal stormwater connections. All Newton ratepayers pay for water in the sewer that doesn’t belong there–and leaky pipes or illegal roof drains, sump pumps and the like are the major contributors of non-sewer water entering the sewers. Oh, and when that groundwater seeps into the sewers it is not there to keep the Charles flowing or Crystal Lake fresh & deep.

Also this week–looks like some of the aldermen aren’t happy with the mayor’s estimates (or lack thereof) for capital projects (see Finance agenda for tonight). Same time, Zoning is doing something I don’t understand with Inclusionary Zoning, which is used to pay for affordable housing here. They are also looking at “nuisance” or neglected properties.

Meanwhile, if you can split yourselves, the School Committee will be hearing about enrollment, facilities and finances, and discussing systemwide goals. Which of the three to attend? You decide!

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