Neighborhood Associations are pushing up green shoots this week–the big spring breakthrough is March 6, when a new association in Newtonville and an expansion of the mother-of-all-neighborhood associations come up for public hearing.

The Board’s other business is all elections. Reading between the lines, it looks like a compromise date to elect the successor to the late, great Ald. Merrill is imminent–see the “docket” for Tuesday (right–holiday Monday, no board). A long discussion around whether to skip a separate election is in the Programs & Services report; I’ll let the political junkies look it up online themselves (Friday Packet, all). There’s also the funding for the special senate election(s) and the date for the fall municipal preliminary election. Mark your calendar!

Finally, the start of the first master plan for parking management in the history of Newton is discussed in Public Safety–another good read¬†for those with a nose for village vitality/municipal finance/mitigating traffic. City Planner Candace Havens has done some terrific work both in compiling the plan and describing it for Aldermen.