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This month, Bike Newton published a new bike map of the city.  The map focuses on the main arteries connecting the city together.  This is a great idea and its full of all sorts of additional, useful bicycle information.  It’s available from Bike Newton and at bike shops around the city.

As a complementary effort Jim Lerner, from the Bicycle Pedestrian Task Force has been working on a “crowd sourced” map of low traffic bicycle routes.   Rather than fast direct routes, Jim’s focusing on slightly longer, maybe a bit more complicated routes that avoid busy streets all together.   i.e. “back way” routes.  He’s put up a Google Map version on-line.

He beleive’s that he’s got his own neighborhood (Upper Falls) covered pretty well but could use suggestions from around the city.  Take a look at what he’s got and send him whatever routes you think he should add – to [email protected]

.. and if that’s not enough Newton maps for you, here’s a pedestrian map of shortcuts around Newton that I put together a few months back.  No doubt there’s a fair amount of overlap.