Tomorrow, April 27, marks 11 years since the bus crash that took the lives of four Oak Hill Middle School students*. Beginning with the first anniversary, there has been a Circle of Remembrance gathering at Oak Hill every year, and tomorrow is no exception.

The details follow in the letter from Stephen Glidden’s mother, Elaine Alpert. It is a very moving and heartwarming gathering that explemplifies the meaning of community. 


Friday April 27 marks the 11-year anniversary of the tragedy that took Steve, Greg, Kayla and Melissa from their families, friends and futures.  The annual “Circle of Remembrance” will take place this FRIDAY at 6 pm in front of Oak Hill Middle School on Wheeler Rd. in Newton.
     As in past years, there will be no set program.  The gathering usually resembles a Quaker-style “Friends” meeting at which all are welcome and anyone can participate. Please bring something to sit on, a shoulder to lean on, a tissue or two, and a bottle of water if the day is warm.
     Bring along a poem to read, a song to sing, or something to say, should you feel so moved. Make copies to share with others, if you wish.
     Over the years, we have been able to compile people’s favorite passages into a booklet. The latest version of this booklet can be accessed by clicking here, and also can be downloaded and printed from the SGF homepage. If you print out a copy for yourself, perhaps you can make an extra copy for someone else, as we will be arriving from out of town and will not be able to bring multiple copies as we have done in past years.
     In prior years, some people who are out of town, occupied, or otherwise unable to join us in person have sent emails expressing their thoughts, with a request that their message be read aloud at the gathering. As always, we will be glad to honor those wishes.
     Although Steve, Kayla, Melissa and Greg will be specifically remembered on this day, many others in Newton and beyond have lost family and friends at other times and in other tragedies. The “Circle of Remembrance” will be a time to remember them as well, in the company of those who care.
     If you are elsewhere at 6 pm Friday, please take a moment to pause, reflect and remember Steve, Kayla, Melissa, Greg, and others who we dearly wish were still here with us.
     Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.
     Elaine and Bill
*My apologies for the inadequate links but wickedlocalnewton appears to be struggling at the moment and I couldn’t find anything on boston.com or patch. I’ll update later for those of you who aren’t familiar with this tragedy.

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