Angela Palmer and her husband Robert

I know many Newton residents are jumping on their bike or strapping on their running shoes this season, not only for the challenge of running the marathon or biking the state, but also to raise money for a cause. Many of these stories are personal.

This weekend Mayor Warren sent out a note saying that he’s riding for Angela Palmer. According to his email:

Angela was diagnosed with Stage IV brain cancer last September.  Since then, she has undergone 13 hours of surgery, 57 oral chemotherapy treatments, and 30 radiation therapies; more than any one individual or family should ever have to endure, especially since she is a 10-year breast cancer survivor.  She is now being treated with Avastin, and thankfully this drug has dramatically improved her quality of life.

Obviously the mayor isn’t the only one with a story to go along with his fund raising. So I’d like to invite people to post in the comments section why they’re running or riding. Please include a link so people know where to donate. Also, head over to our Facebook page and post a photo of your inspiration, as well as a sentence or two about it.

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