Jeff Speck shares his vision for Riverside station

Jeff Speck shares his vision for Riverside station

City planner and urban designer Jeff Speck is the lead designer of the soon to be proposed designed for the Riverside MBTA station (and also the guy behind this vision for Washington Street). He submitted this guest blog post.

As the lead designer of the proposed development at the Riverside T Station, I have been asked to write a post explaining the thinking behind the plan. While I believe that the principles and goals outlined here are shared by the entire development team, the thoughts that follow are my own

As seen below, the site is a special one, adjacent to the Charles River greenway, flanked north and south by open space and golf courses, east and west by mostly low-density development at some distance, adjacent to a major highway

Riverside Center up for sale

Who wants a 1/2 million square feet of office space, conveniently located on the T? The Boston Herald reports that the Riverside Center office park on Grove St. is up for sale.  According to the article the office park is doing just fine and has a 95% occupancy rate. ...

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