Andy Levin stepping down from Newton TAB

Andy Levin stepping down from Newton TAB

Newton TAB Editor Andy Levin has resigned from his position at GateHouse Media. Levin began as Newton editor in October of 2014, with a staff that included one full-time and one part-time reporter. He leaves following multiple internal reorganizations (i.e. staff...

TAB editor ‘walks back’ Needham St story and then looks ahead

In a column in this weeks Newton TAB, editor Andy Levin updates plans to overhaul Needham Street and Highland Ave, following news last week that the long-awaited, much-needed project would not go to bid in 2018 as scheduled.
As Levin clarifies (and Sean Roche addressed here) reports that the project was delayed following objections from bike advocates were unfounded.

As it turns out, a request for enhanced bicycle lanes and pedestrian accommodations by cycling advocates is not what caused a delay in

TAB editor questions Warren’s Administration’s mixed message on 40B

In a new column, Newton TAB Editor Andy Levin raises a question that’s been bothering me for a while too: How is it that Newton Mayor Setti Warren can champion growing Newton’s affordable housing stock while his Planning Department and the Zoning Board of Appeals continues to cite a questionable claim that Newton has met its 40B threshold?

This sizeable anti-development movement is being enabled by a city government that on one hand has a “housing strategy” but on the other has taken a position that makes achieving the goals of the plan extraordinarily difficult.

Andy Levin:  I will no longer be the editor of the Newton TAB.

Andy Levin: I will no longer be the editor of the Newton TAB.

TAB editor Andy Levin posted a comment on this thread in response to this announcement from GateHouse media’s Lisa Strattan about changes at the company. I believe Andy’s comments are important enough that I’m starting a new thread here:

I don’t want to keep any of the TAB/Wicked Local Newton readers guessing as to what is coming next week and going forward.

Being the editor of the Newton TAB these past couple years has been a great pleasure, a tremendous honor and the job of my life. I love this city and I loved, truly loved being editor of its paper of record. I have never felt that way about any job.
Beginning next week, though, I will no longer be the editor of the Newton TAB. Indeed, all of our roles at Wicked Local will be changing….

Andy Levin tries – but can’t – understand opposition to the Orr Block project

Andy Levin tries – but can’t – understand opposition to the Orr Block project

In a column this week, Newton TAB editor Andy Levin tries to make sense of opposition to the proposed Washington Place project at the site of the decaying Orr Building in Newtonville.

I pass the Orr block frequently during my travels around the city. Each time, I stare at the buildings in an attempt to understand why some folks are so against their being replaced. I do understand the anxiety about the displacement of several popular businesses and existing renters, but the buildings themselves are a century old, very worn down and of marginal historical significance, in my opinion. I can’t think of any good reason they shouldn’t be replaced and the area renewed.

Happy anniversary Andy Levin

Happy anniversary Andy Levin

No, I’m not talking about one of those Newton Nomadic Theater anniversaries. This week mark Andy Levin’s one year anniversary as Newton TAB Editor. Here’s his inaugural column and here’s a column he wrote last week.

An early peek into the Andy Levin era

Just a few weeks into his new job, new Newton TAB editor Andy Levin is already showing us that he’s not worried about making friends. Consider, for example, his recent editorial about opposing a plastic bag ban and even more significantly his willingness this...

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