Contributing a Guest Post

  • Village 14 has about 25 contributors who can post items totally at their own discretion on whatever topic they choose.

In addition through, we encourage anyone to contribute a Guest Post on a topic of your choosing.  To do so, just send it via email to [email protected]  I’ll review it, I may/may not give you feedback and then post it under your name.  It is totally at my discretion whether it is posted but in the unlikely event that I have any hesitancy to post it, I will contact you and communicate what my concerns are.

Note this Guest Post initiative is an experiment that will only succeed if it doesn’t become a personal time sink for me.  So please keep any  email back-and-forths to a minimum.

What to send:

  • Your name as you want it to appear in the byline
  • A title for the post
  • The text. 
  • A graphic to go along with it (optional)


  • It must be a Newton related topic 
  • The post should be the taking off point for a conversation by others if possible
  • If you are posting on a topic that there are already other posts, don’t write it as a response to what someone else has written (that’s for the comments).  Present your perspective and information as something that stands on its own.
  • Your post can certainly take a clear position on a topic but all things being equal I think the best posts are not about communicating a specific viewpoint but introducing not-yet-discussed ideas for others to comment on.  Save your strongest personal thoughts for the comments that follow.
  • Personally  I love whimsy, oddball topics, things I’ve never heard of before, fresh takes, new topics, the further afield the better so long as its Newton related.
  • Leave your anger behind.  No vitriol or anger in the post.  You can never start a good conversation by yelling at someone.


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